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moment of surrender

Kilometers make you weightless. In border of vertigo. And when you are in lebanese mountain it’s impressive, awesome. In the edge of white sentences. My round trip in Baalbek was excellent. I understood why I go there, in this touristic place, each minutes. Each view in the way was so beautiful than no pictures was possible. I took some but you can’t imagine the magnificence – the mountains were so empty and immense, and the purity – the plain was so clear under the warmth’s fog. That’s only image and words. But you must add that I hitchhiked in Bekaa Valley : I had to cross the Range of the Mont Liban (3009 m). The sensation were so powerful that in the return I didn’t take pictures. All cars became link and the light at 4 was so nice …

It was a blessing day : I recognize a picture I has in Paris in a postal card. It’s a engraving’s reproduction with a Flaubert citation. I try but unfortunately to reproduce with my camera the feeling I had in Paris. I stayed a long time. Many thoughts of no sense came and returned. Just a brick on my all trip. A vertigo if I take distance. The day after I decide to leave Lebanon. I took buses straight to Aleppo, Syria via maritime frontier. Good bye the sea. Too bad for the train. Another time.

Good impression when you leave and I know you can return but you follow your shadow behind you. Now I’m in Aleppo. I don’t know why I’m here. A step in the north way to finish with the Middle East. Now I have to find an another hotel because this night is full. Or change the city.

UPDATE : I’ll change country tomorrow. After Arabs, Phoenicians countries I’ll go in Kurdistan, Turkish one …I need a train tomorrow …

UPDATE 2 : Arrived in Gazientep, Turkey. The sky is blue and the sun is sweet 🙂
I’m not so fresh … I didn’t sleep a lot because of my 5 am train … but it was nice to be in a train and to cross the plains and the hills in daylight …
There is something wrong with this picture. I was so fascinated than I stayed and sit in down … I forgot to go up in the Bacchus temple where the view should be better … You can see so my feeling from these impressive columns. Frontier’s album … the next later …

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