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step in my trip

Suddently I no longer had the will to go in Iran nor the desire …

Erzurum pour les amis qui ne sont pas encore sur Facebook 😉

After several sleepless nights, I ate three times today, I don’t know why but it was good 🙂 and this evening I drunk a glass of wine … to celebrate this f…king day (j’ai passé 3 heures toute seule dans une salle d’attente du consulat d’Iran, vide de « clients » et de « personnels » à me demander ce qui se passait avec ma demande de visa ; on m’a répondu avant la fermeture que je devais repasser le lendemain, car le telex pour Téhéran ne passait pas, c’est les vacances, m’ont-il dit !). Vraiment je me demande si je ne vais pas changer de plan … Tant pis pour les 50 euros .(

There was nobody in this class restaurant and the two servers played with french music and danced almost in serving me … alone in a big room at first floor but I never fell alone … what a pity the network ! even in the more isolated place you can find internet and even the wifi … or what a luck 😉

Iran or not ?

Just a boring day and crazy, no pain, no joy … empty! and a bit sleepy (I travelled 11 hours yesterday night by bus in a bumpy road). But I can say : people are fantastic here, so kind with me. Every body want to do the best for me. Only a little can speak English, so when I ask someone,  several come to help me because they see I’m a foreigner. All that without agressivity nor ambiguity. Sorry, I tell my life, but I’m always surprised by their generosity & kindness. They laugh a little I know or it’s surprising too, but they have a lot of respect.

There are some dead leaves in the floor of the restaurant, for decoration in the hardwood floor … odd … Ils font exprès ? Après « Aline », j’ai droit à « Que je t’aime » …

I’m behind a wall, a wall who isn’t insurmontable … Iran is the place where I discovered my freedom … Hommage or not ? Don’t look back, he said me.

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