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des ors d'Ionie – desordre d'isle


Love and travel made you unstable. My body falls and none pictures can recover the light. It’s also a question of time and space. I’ve spent here all the time & all the world to let entered my love and my travel.

I like contrasts & contradictions AND transparency. I don’t know what is the truth. I’m not a scientific nor a documentary writer. I like night’s pictures from always when whole contrasts are erased, obscure. We don’t be able to see where is the light, from where it comes from, how long the last sheen will be. It’s like a ‘passage à vide’. Avid, insatiable, desirous.

Three hours by day electricity is alternatively cut in each neighborhood in Beirut. Buildings have generators or not. That’s why each day is different here. Sometimes you wake up and you can’t take your tea, then you are fed up with the smells outside and you close the windows, but after it’s too hot inside and the air conditioning doesn’t work … You want to change your idea and send a message to your friends or you want to listen music to forget the buildings & street noise, but you can’t. It’s the Middle East they said. Some things don’t work sometimes when you need it. Most of the foreigners here try to feel something uncommon. An adrenaline shiver. Why I’m still here ? For artificial pictures ? mighty sensations ?

I’m in Beirut for a long time. Yes I know I stayed here more than I planed. Most of the time it was to stay. Being staying. Seeing the sea staying in sofa … I really don’t pay attention to the fishing boats or the cargos crossing the field of vision. And I never have any question about the disappearance of the horizon’s line.
Yes I know reading some philosophical or mathematical books and having good time in warmth & bulldozer’s noise is unexpected in my trip … But fall down the « no-project » is a real experience. Have distance and in the same time live a close experience … Do I imagine all that? Do I invent some story to stay alive? Being a stranger in my own tale.

I made some many building sites pictures. And I made pictures of clouds. Was it my best experience of Lebanon? No, I use to photography black fields, when the moment declines, the light changes, when the music becomes something else, and the earth swallows up the deep feelings in so long and uncertain minutes. Yes, I want to believe that clouds or nights have some new aspects here in Lebanon. But I have no memories. I don’t want to. It’s because of the sea overside and the free time I never had. It looks like felicity.

Last weeks I was thinking I can read more, writers or musicians, who give voice to the beauty and dirty life. I understand it give me some joy and it despairs me. In fact and until now I just look at, drink wine & beer, smoke in his mouth, make love without thinking about the morrow … all the time … and ever …

In the same and in a short instant I fell over in white space where no word, no picture were possible. I decided not to write. To forgive this mess. Not to invent my character. I will never be able to be confronted with my own weakness and my colossal desire. I felt I had not been able to describe the huge ocean of troubles, between happiness and sadness. I’m so poor in front of this big defiance. But I ‘m a rebel, I always want more, higher, stronger. An illusion I know. I’m so stupid or naive sometimes. You know I’ll continue my way.
I have to play the game and enter in white sentences. To spend again many hours in pain or delight. Towards nothing & ALL. Most of the time in nowhere. No way. Being in my lost and unnamed country, in exile. I’m still the same and I want more than all the change. I keep my deep & dark & dirty dreams. In my feet.

It’s the autumn here now. We can see the light’s change. And it’s now only 27° before noon. And this Sunday night only 25. Chouaï cold no ?

It’s time to move. I want to stay and I want to leave. I WANT both because I’m what I’m. Avid, fool or foolhardy, obsessed. I’ll go away and find another madness’ place. AND I know and I remember.

Underworld again, M.E. :

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Qu’écrirai-je pour vous dire que je ne vous ai pas oublié ? Comment dire la brise qui brûle mes pas ?

Je marche, je m’arrête, la paix est à mes pieds, je ne l’attendais plus

Il semble que je la connais depuis toujours, Beyrouth des herbes et du vin, de la chaleur et du bruit, du rêve qui touche la fin sublime

Ne t’inquiète pas, la vie est là, je n’ai tout simplement pas envie de parler, écrire parce qu’il n’y a peut-être rien à dire …

Je suis partie tout simplement …

PS : Vous allez entendre parler de Beirut la semaine prochaine : le président iranien rend visite à ses amis du Hezbollah au Liban. On prévoit une sécurité renforcée ici et dans le sud à la frontière avec Israël. Il y a aussi le jugement Hariri. Don’t worried about that, it’s just politics. je suis pas plus en danger ici qu’au pied de la Tour Eiffel si je comprends bien

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simples mots de Nadia Tuéni

Qu’elle soit courtisane, érudite, ou dévote,
péninsule de bruits, des couleurs, et de l’or,
ville marchande et rose, voguant comme une flotte
qui cherche à l’horizon la tendresse d’un port,
elle est mille fois mort, mille fois revécue.
Beyrouth des cents palais, et Béryte des pierres,
où l’on vient de partout ériger ses statues,
qui font prier les hommes, et font crier les guerres.
Ses femmes aux yeux de plages qui s’allument la nuit,
et ses mendiants semblables à d’anciennes pythies.
À Beyrouth chaque idée habite une maison.
À Beyrouth chaque mot est une ostentation.
À Beyrouth l’on décharge pensées et caravanes,
flibustiers de l’esprit, prêtresses ou bien sultanes.
Qu’elle soit religieuse, ou qu’elle soit sorcière,
ou qu’elle soit les deux, ou qu’elle soit charnière,
du portail de la mer ou des grilles du levant,
qu’elle soit adorée ou qu’elle soit maudite,
qu’elle soit sanguinaire, ou qu’elle soit d’eau bénite,
qu’elle soit innocente ou qu’elle soit meurtrière,
en étant phénicienne, arabe ou routière,
en étant levantine, aux multiples vertiges,
comme ces fleurs étranges fragiles sur leurs tiges,
Beyrouth est en orient le dernier sanctuaire,
où l’homme peut toujours s’habiller de lumière.

Merci Boro pour ce poème de Nadia Tuéni

De mon côté, je vais essayer d’épargner mes mots et de me concentrer avec la connexion avec mes intensités. Don’t worried if I won’t send you any message from here. I’m just have a break.

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a place to work …

Album photo

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